Wedding Wednesday: Location

wedding wednesday, notesfromemily

I’ve always wanted a very classic and vintage style of wedding. I never got into the rustic, getting married in a barn craze. Maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm and the thought of doing anything in a barn just isn’t romantic to me. I always imagined everyone dressed for a black tie event with soft, romantic colors and decorations—nothing bright and over the top.

When we got engaged, we both agreed that we wanted the wedding location to be as easy as possible for our guests. Not tons of driving and crazy directions for people to have to figure out. If possible we wanted everything to be in one spot.

We decided to have the reception at The Lafayette, a historic hotel in Marietta. It has the perfect ambiance that we wanted for the wedding. It’s very historic and the décor is classic and perfect for us. We will be having the reception in the grand ballroom.

We haven’t decided on the ceremony location yet. The hotel has a rooftop deck that we really want to use for the ceremony, but it doesn’t have a roof. We are worried about what to do if it rains. Another option we considered was a historic theater that is being renovated just down the street from the hotel. It goes with our theme, but they can’t guarantee the venue for us until pretty close to the date in case they get a big play that comes through. I don’t really love the idea of waiting until the last minute to be sure we have the venue.

I think right now we are really leaning toward using the rooftop, especially after we had some of our engagement photos done up there on Monday. (I can’t wait to share those with you once I get them back in a couple weeks!) It has an awesome view of the Ohio River that would be the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Do you have any creative ideas of where to have a wedding ceremony? We aren’t religious, so that’s why we aren’t doing it in a church. Where did you get married? Or where would you like to get married?


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