An ode to Birchbox

birchbox, notesfromemily

I have loved Birchbox for years. I think I got my first box back in 2012 and I subscribed for a couple of years. When I came to grad school I stopped subscribing just to save a little money, but I recently signed back up and I’m so happy I did.

If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a beauty subscription service that costs $10 a month and is sent to you in the mail. You get between 4-6 deluxe beauty samples in each box ranging from makeup to skincare. The items you get are tailored to your preferences because you fill out a survey when you first sign up and answer a series of questions about your hair, skin tone and beauty style so they make sure to send things that work for you.

birchbox, notesfromemily

I recently got my November box and thought it would be fun to share with you guys. First of all, the box itself was gorgeous. It has a pretty teal and black floral design on it. I was excited about every single product in this box. That isn’t always the case since sometimes you get something that just isn’t something you would use, but I was truly happy to get all of these products. Below is a list of everything I got and links to their full sizes in the Birchbox shop.

  1. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo: I discovered this brand through one of my very first Birchboxes and I’ve loved it ever since. They have a great deep conditioner, so I’m excited to try out the dry shampoo.
  2. BioRepublic Skincare Cucumber Breeze Soothing Fiber Mask: I’ve never used a sheet mask before, but I have always wanted to. I’m looking forward to using this one because my skin is already so dry and irritated from the weather and indoor heating.
  3. Davines This is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid: This is a cream you put on wet hair before styling. It says it also heat protects the hair, too. I have a hair oil from this brand that I like, so I have high hopes for this.
  4. LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Night Owl: I think I am most excited about this product because it’s Birchbox’s first makeup line of their own and they collaborated with one of my favorite YouTuber’s Tati Westbrook, or Glamlifeguru, to make it. This color is a pretty deep purple, which is perfect for me because I have green eyes and purple makes green eyes stand out.
  5. theBalm Cosmetics Balm Desert bronzer/blush: This looks like it will be a pretty blush. It’s not too dark, but it’s a deeper color perfect for fall and winter. I’ve gotten other products from theBalm in my Birchboxes before and loved them. My favorite is the MaryLoumanizer highlighter.

The great thing about Birchbox is that you earn point for each dollar you spend in their online shop. You also earn 10 point for each product you review from your box. 100 points equals $10 that you can use just like cash in their online store.

Birchbox also makes an awesome Christmas or birthday gift. I’ve gifted it to my sister and my best friend for Christmas before.

If you want to sign up you can click here.

Have you tried Birchbox before? What were your thoughts?


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