Wedding Wednesday: Guest list

Guest list

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is really hard. If I had a million dollars I would invite everyone we know so no one felt left out. Unfortunately, we don’t have a million dollars so we have to keep the guest list to around 75 people to be able to afford everything. I never realized it before I started planning my own wedding, but feeding everyone who comes is a huge chunk of the day’s expenses. Even if you choose to do a buffet, which is what we are doing, you are still charged per person and it adds up fast.

And it’s really important to us that everyone feels really taken care of during the day. We don’t want people to feel hungry or thirsty. We’ve been to so many weddings where the appetizers were gone almost as soon as they were put out, dinner portions were small and we were hungry an hour after leaving the wedding (I totally don’t blame those couples though because now I understand they were probably just trying to cut costs somewhere). And I know it’s ultimately not about any of those things, but it is important to us. We have several people coming from out of town and we want to make them comfortable. Keeping the guest list on the smaller side will allow us to do that.

We also really want to be surrounded by our closest friends and family on our wedding day. We want to be able to chat with everyone, but not feel like it’s what we spend the entire day doing. Being together for so long, we have so many friends who have been there for us throughout our relationship. Some have been there from the beginning and some not as long, but all equally special. Being able to say thank you to everyone for their support over the past five years (six by the wedding) is really important.

We do struggle with who to invite and worry about leaving people out, but ultimately we think it will work out. Overall, I’m really happy with the size of our guest list and I think it will make for a really special day being surrounded by those who love us most.

How did you decide on your guest list? Did you run into any issues? Did you feel guilty for not inviting some people? I’d love to hear your experiences.


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