Product empties #1


It seems like I’ve gone through so many products lately, so I decided to put them all together for an empties post. I’m really on the hunt for a good winter skincare routine right now since I’m finishing so many of my summer and fall products. The dry winter air has already wreaked havoc on my skin and it seems no amount of moisturizer or exfoliating will help. If anyone has any recommendations, send them my way.

As you can see, I’m a big fan of Simple skincare products. I really love their make-up removing wipes because they are the only ones that don’t make my face feel like it’s on fire after using them. The cleansing micellar water is also really great at removing make-up. It’s super gentle. I use it to remove my make-up before using my cleanser. Some people say you can use only the micellar water to cleanse your face, but I find that I still need some kind of soapy cleanser afterward. The replenishing moisturizer was really nice for the summer, but I feel like I need something heavier for the winter.

I went through two mascaras recently. The first one was the Maybelline colossal volume cat eye mascara. I didn’t really care for this one. I didn’t like the brush and it was a really wet mascara, so it was easy to smear and mess up when applying it. The second one is one of my favorite mascaras ever, the Covergirl lashblast super sizer mascara. This makes my eyelashes look nice. It adds at lot of length and is great a separating the eye lashes.

This Maybelline dream wonder powder was really great. It gave my skin almost an airbrush kind of look after I used it. This was the first time I used it and I would definitely by this again.

This Pantene classic clean shampoo was a nice. It had been forever since I used a Pantene hair product, so I picked it up on a whim. It smells yummy and didn’t weigh down my already thick hair.

Finally, the last product I used up was the Glamglow tinglexfoliant mask. Glamglow has so.much.hype. so I wanted to try it out. I wish I would have gotten a different mask from the brand because this one was pretty harsh and made by skin burn. It did do a nice job at exfoliating. Next time I think I’d get the hydrating version.


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