Wedding Wednesday: Christmas gifts for the engaged couple


This will be the only year Eric and I spend Christmas as an engaged couple. I think that makes it extra special. It will be our sixth Christmas together overall. This year we aren’t really getting each other any big presents. We’re just going to do stocking-stuffers so we can save money for the wedding. I was recently thinking about what engaged couples would want for Christmas. It made me think up a list of what engaged couples might want for Christmas to help out with wedding expenses, which seem to be never ending. Of course, we don’t expect anything. We just want to be together for the holiday. Click below to read my suggestions.

A gift card to a stationary store. It would help with costs of save-the-date cards, invitations, thank you cards or other paper stuff for the wedding. Invitations aren’t cheap, so having a gift card to help out would be awesome. Minted is a great place online that has tons and tons of options.

A spa/salon gift card. This would be a nice gift because it could be saved for the wedding hair and makeup, or used for other wedding-related events like the bridal shower. Of course, you can always choose to do your own hair, nails and makeup, but it’s always fun to be pampered before a big event. And it would be one less thing to have to worry about doing yourself.

A gift card to Target, Wal-Mart or other every day retailer. This would be nice to have because the couple can use it for groceries and every day expenses and save their money for the wedding.

A nice jewelry box for the wedding rings. I know I always take my ring off to shower or do something where it might get dirty. Having a special place to put it where you know it will be safe would be nice to have.

A special Christmas ornament to commemorate their engagement. That would be something they could have forever and it would be so special to pull out each year when they decorate the tree.

Money. I know some people don’t love the idea of giving money, but as someone who is paying for a wedding right now, it is definitely appreciated. Any little bit helps. It could help pay something off or help the couple be able to get that extra little touch they thought they couldn’t afford.

Again, these are just suggestions for people who would be getting the engaged couple gifts anyway. I certainly wouldn’t expect anything or be disappointed if I didn’t get any of these things. I know a lot of times people don’t know what to get for their family and friends, so I thought this would be helpful.

What are your thoughts on giving gifts to engaged couples?


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