Favorite websites & blogs


I spend a fair amount of time browsing the web looking for advice, inspiration and entertainment. Over the years I’ve read so many blogs and websites that are no longer around. It’s always sad to see someone close their space on the web. In a strange way it’s like losing touch with a friend. But I totally understand why they do it. It’s tough out there on the internet. When someone’s interests or priorities change, people aren’t always nice about it.

Anyway, there are a few websites and blogs that I still visit regularly and have been able to stand the test of internet time. I thought I’d share them today in case you are looking for some inspiration going into the new year!

The Everygirl: This is a great lifestyle website that has tons of advice and articles on all kinds of topics from beauty to career. I find it to be very practical and down to earth.

Glitter Guide: This is another lifestyle website. It focuses a lot on beauty, fashion and entertainment. It’s similar to The Everygirl, but each site has it’s own unique aesthetic.

Cupcakes & Cashmere: This is a lifestyle blog I’ve read for years and it’s been amazing to see all of her accomplishments. She went from being a typical blogger to growing her blog into a brand. She’s written books and has her own clothing line. Even though she has so many followers, she has remained true to herself, which makes her blog so fun to read.

Freckled Italian: I’ve read this lifestyle blog for a few years now. I love how real and honest the author is. She’s also amazing with words and writes really beautifully.

Tales of me and the husband: This lifestyle blog features a lot of family posts with some fashion, food and other posts sprinkled in.

What blogs and websites do you visit regularly? I’m always looking for new places to visit.



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