Taking stock #1

I’ve seen these kinds of posts on lots of blogs and I always enjoy them. It’s kind of just a mini life update. Life’s been full of lots and lots of working, wedding planning (I picked out a veil last weekend!!, it’s partially pictured above), spending time with friends and resting in between.

Making: Time to read. I just picked up this book and I’m so excited to read it. I always love a good journalism book.
Drinking: Always drinking tea, this morning it was Bigelow’s English Teatime.
Watching: Veep, if you haven’t watched this show, you need to check it out. So, so funny.
Reading: The Time article on the new Barbie. It’s interesting. I always loved Barbie.
Enjoying: Spending time at home. I’ve been more of a home body lately in an attempt to save money.
Listening: Slightly embarrassed to say this, but Justin Bieber’s new song “Love Yourself”
Wanting: To be more organized. I’m planning to do a massive cleaning/purging this weekend.
Loving: Spending more time with Eric. He switched jobs and we see each other so much more now.
Waiting: For warmer weather. I’m done with the cold and indoor heating that dries out my skin.
Smelling: My lip balm. It’s this one. My mom got it for me for Christmas and I really love it.
Wearing: Lots of scarves and my favorite riding boots. It’s been cold here in Pittsburgh lately.
Searching: For cute new bed sheets.
Feeling: Like I need to exercise more. Working in an office is so sedentary. I’ve really been noticing it lately because my back has been hurting.


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