Work & Life


(A view from more carefree times in Cancun, Mexico, 2015)

I haven’t been able to put as much work into this blog over the last few months as I would have liked. Mostly it’s because I’ve been working all of the hours. And when I’m not working I mostly just feel like sleeping.

I started this blog last fall when I was still freelancing and not working a structured schedule in an office. To be honest, I miss having that flexibility and the power to call my own shots about where my time is allocated.

Since getting my full-time job in November I have been putting in full days at the office and then many of my nights out at assignments. On most nights I’m driving home at 10 p.m. or later and by then my brain has turned to complete mush from working 12 or 14 hours.

I want to make blogging more of a priority, but it’s just not happening. And that really bums me out because I love writing and sharing my thoughts you with.

Dealing with all of this has led me to think a lot lately about work and life balance. What are my priorities? Where do I want to be? Is this the kind of life I want to be living?

And, I know I’m lucky because I don’t have kids. Many people who do will probably read this and roll their eyes.

But my life is my life. And I’m busy and exhausted and stressed out. And thankfully I don’t have anyone else that I’m legally responsible for, because I would definitely be struggling with that right now, too.

And I’m the kind of person who really enjoys having free time to actually enjoy life. It seems like some people thrive on spending all of their time at work. And when I see them I definitely feel inadequate. For me, my mental health and well being is more important that any paycheck I get or impression I’m trying to make.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really grateful to have a job. As I know many people aren’t so lucky.

Basically all of this is to say, I have not forgotten about blogging. And I still plan to keep updating, hopefully at a more frequent pace than I have been.

I think I’ve just been having a hard time with the various transitions in my life lately. There have been a lot of big questions I’ve been trying to answer about my life and career and it is tough stuff to figure out.

So, thanks for being patient. And thanks for still reading.

How do you guys manage work and life?


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