Pittsburgh Eats: Pittsburgh Juice Company

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love supporting local businesses.

When I sit around and day dream about what I’d like to be doing I envision myself and Eric running a small used bookstore and cafe. Buying a building and living in an apartment upstairs while running the business downstairs. So, all that to say I really, really admire people who take the huge leap of faith and open their own small business. Because I know it’s not easy and there’s a lot of cost and risk involved.

Pittsburgh Juice Company has been open for a couple years and I’m glad to see they are doing well. I actually wrote an article about them opening when I was in grad school and got to see the behind the scenes of how they  make the juice.

They offer all different types of fresh pressed juices from fruit and green juices to smoothies and almond milk. They also offer smaller elixirs and shots like wheat grass and immunity boosters. The prices range from a few dollars for some of the smaller shots up to around $10 for the larger juices.

One thing that I absolutely love is that the juices come in glass bottles that you can return to receive credit toward your next juice. It’s such a win-win because it’s better for the environment and it provides an incentive to come back.

I recently stopped in to pick up some juices to have as my breakfasts and lunches because I’m trying to get more nutrients and eat better. I thought having some juice on hand would still give me what I needed, but give my digestive system a bit of break from all of the deep fried stuff I’ve been eating lately.

I picked up the berry-watermelon, green juice, witch’s brew and the green goddess smoothie. The berry-watermelon is the easiest to drink. The green juice is really good, too. It’s made with cucumber, apple and baby spinach. The witch’s brew is a lot more intense because it has all the ingredients of the green juice with celery, kale, lemon and ginger added to it. I didn’t care for the smoothie. It was really, really thick and I just couldn’t get into it.

I definitely suggest checking them out if you are looking to try some fresh pressed juices.


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