Taking stock #2


The fountain at Highland Park. My favorite place to spend warm days.

Hiking at McConnell’s Mills & the best meal from Lock and Dam Hotdog Shop.

Making: Dinner plans for Friday night.
Drinking: Iced tea, always.
Watching: NashvilleNashville. I have been a loyal fan of the show since it started, but I reeeeally hate the way some of the story lines have gone this season. Can we go one season where Deacon and Rayna aren’t on the verge of breaking up/hating each other/whatever other drama happens? And don’t even get me started on Maddie.
Reading: I started reading “Empire Falls” by Richard Russo, but I have been pretty slow at it. So far I like it.
Enjoying: Spending all of my free time at home with Eric.
Listening: Chris Stapleton’s album. So good.
Wanting: For a whole week of warm, sunny weather. I’m so tired of all the rain.
Loving: The fact that I’ve lost 5 pounds recently. I’ve been eating way better and exercising more and it’s actually paying off.
Waiting: For my hair appointment on Saturday. I’m getting my highlights done and I’m like 90% sure I’m chopping off several inches. I just feel like I need a new look for a while. You can check out my hair and makeup board on Pinterest to see what I’m thinking.
Smelling: My summer perfumes. So much lighter and fresher.
Wearing: Brighter colors for spring.
Searching: For a new apartment or house to rent.
Feeling: Busy and burnt out. I’m taking nine days of vacation the last week of May and it can’t come soon enough. I need some time away from work to recharge.


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