My health and fitness relationship


My relationship with health and fitness is rocky at best. I was a pretty active child and I was always healthy and skinny. Growing up in the country I often played outside, rode my bike, etc. My mom also made a homemade dinner every night, so I wasn’t being fed unhealthy restaurant food.

I’ve never been a fan of organized sports or working out. Once I got to high school I wasn’t running around as much as when I was a kid. I was eating more unhealthy food at school and going out more with my friends. I still remained a normal weight until I reached my early 20s. The freedom of college and the availability of drinking made me gain weight and often left me bloated. I lived on Mexican food and cheap beer for most of college.

After college I lost a little weight and even joined a gym, but I could never stick with it. I steadily gained weight for the next three years. When I moved to Pittsburgh and started grad school I lost a little weight because I was more active and eating less, but once I got comfortable I started drinking more and eating out. Over the past two years I have definitely gained a substantial amount of weight. I’d say probably 20 pounds. Much of it is in my stomach and love handles. I feel uncomfortable and unhealthy.

About a year ago I found Tone It Up and really liked how personable Karena and Katrina were. They didn’t seem overly intense and mean like some trainers who made at-home videos (side eye, Jillian Michaels). I liked that they had a loyal following and posted a lot of positive lifestyle stuff. I participated in the Bikini Series challenge and really saw a difference in my confidence and even lost a little weight. Then I started an internship that left me stressed out and sitting down for most of the day. I stopped working out and healthy eating went out the window.

So, you can see the cycle. I’m definitely an emotional eater and I eat when I’m bored. I also eat out because it’s convenient most of the time with my schedule.

Just a few weeks ago I decided I was tired of not likely the way I looked and feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. I started eating better and trying to walk more. I’ve been going to the park and walking a couple miles a few times a week. I am participating in the Bikini Series challenge again and I started tracking my eating with the My Fitness Pal app. So far I’ve been doing pretty well. I still have a meal or two a week that isn’t great, but I try to balance it out with my other meals that day. I also stopped drinking alcohol. I’ve lost five pounds so far and I feel way less bloated.

I know this is something that will always be a challenge for me because I love going out to eat and enjoying not-so-healthy food. I’m trying to find balance and treat my body better because I do notice a big difference in how I feel when I’m eating real, whole foods instead of fast food crap.

Here’s hoping it will stick this time!


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