Summer bucket list


Go to a Pirates game.

I think going to baseball games is so fun. I love the atmosphere and, of course, all the stadium food.

Take a weekend trip to Erie

We won’t be taking a proper beach vacation this year, but I’d like to go up to Erie and spend a weekend on the lake to get our beach fix.

Go to Sandcastle

I love lying by the pool in the summer, but I’ve never been to a water park. Sandcastle has a lazy river, a wave pool and a bunch of slides. I’d love to go spend a day lying on a raft in the lazy river.

Go kayaking

Eric loves to kayak, so hopefully we can go at least a couple of times. Venture Outdoors has several locations where you can rent them on lakes and the rivers.

Eat & drink on patios

There’s something about eating and drinking on a patio that seems to make everything better. I want to try out as many as possible this summer. The Abbey, a new restaurant in Lawrenceville, has a really nice one I want to hit soon.


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