Exploring Anthrocon


This past weekend was Anthrocon. It was the 20th year for the convention and was held right here in Pittsburgh. I don’t know a lot about it, but the website for the convention says,  “Anthrocon is the world’s largest convention for those fascinated with anthropomorphics, which are humanlike animal characters such as have fascinated mankind since the dawn of human imagination. We are a collection of artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers, and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin. Membership is open to any and all who like to imagine what it would be like if animals could walk and talk as we do.”


Eric and I thought it would be fun to head down to the convention center on Saturday and see if we could see any hanging around. To our surprise, we got down there just in time for the parade of all 1,500 of them! The crowd was huge. People brought their kids down to see them. Some were circulating in the crowd for photos. It was such a fun, positive event. People old and young were loving it.


All the ones we met and got photos with were super friendly. They all stopped for pictures with everyone who asked. The city was also so welcoming. There were signs saying “Furries Welcome” at a bunch of businesses.




It was definitely something fun that you don’t get to see every day. Did anyone else see them?



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