Pretty flowers Eric got for me.

I turned 28 on Monday. The day was fun and low key. Eric made me a cake and bought me some flowers. I had lunch with a couple of old coworkers and then Eric and I went out for a few drinks in the evening.

It always seems so strange to cross over into a new age. Like wait a minute, didn’t I just turn 27? In some ways I feel much older than 28 and in other ways I still feel 18. I think this age is kind of an interesting one because it signifies a decade since you were in high school, starting college, becoming independent etc. It also signifies that my twenties are nearing their end. I’m not really one to get upset over age, but it is just so crazy to think about all the changes that have happened over the past decade and how in two short years I will be entering my 30s.

I’m looking forward to what 28 has in store for me. Hopefully lots of happiness. I have a new niece on the way this fall, so I’m really looking forward to meeting her. I’m also looking forward to hopefully getting out wedding planning back on track. And mostly just enjoying life with Eric and my friends and family. Most of 27 was spent overworked and stressed out, so I’m hoping to have a more relaxed year this year.

I really love that my birthday falls around a time when the seasons are changing. It always brings a nice fresh start to the new year of life. Bring it on, 28!


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