Fall feelings


I am unusually excited for fall this year. I think it’s because I had such a good summer. I was able to get out and enjoy it so much and I feel totally fulfilled by this season. I think normally I get to the end of summer and wish I had done more. This summer I prioritized my happiness above everything else and it definitely paid off. I had lots of slow mornings, afternoons by the pool and evenings on patios.

So, as August drew to a close I couldn’t help but feel ready for the crisp air of fall. The leaves changing colors. The freshness that comes with a new season. I’m ready to put out my pumpkin candles and hang my fall wreath on the door. I’m ready for big batches of chili and warm drinks. I can’t wait for the first day I get to slip on a cozy sweater, zip up my tall boots over jeans and put on my favorite dark lipstick.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

I think I will also always associate fall as a new beginning because of the start of school. I always loved heading back to college in the fall. The feel of the campus. The hope of a new year. Seeing all your friends and how much you all grew and changed over the summer, whether it was spending time abroad, experiencing an awesome internship or just taking a really fun vacation.

Summer has been so good to me and I feel more than ready to close this wonderful chapter and start a new one. Here’s hoping for a nice, long fall that we can all really soak in.


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