California Part II


The view from our hotel.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a good weekend. I’m planning to go to a couple of light up nights this weekend to get in the holiday spirit! Before we get to the holidays, though, I want to finish sharing my trip to California. If you missed part one, you can check it out here.

So, Tuesday afternoon we decided to spend at Laguna Beach, which was my dream come true. I got to see where Stephen and Lauren worked on the show, walk around town and take in the beach. It was such a beautiful day and it felt so surreal to be visiting a place that I had always wanted to see. We stopped and got bubble teas at Boba Me Baby and had lunch at Nick’s. Nick’s was so, so good. I got a filet with a salad and corn soup. The soup was so good I wanted to get more.


Feeling so happy to be at Laguna Beach!


My amazing meal at Nick’s.


The cute sign at Boba Me Baby.

Left: Where Lauren worked on Laguna Beach. Right: Where Stephen worked.

I also got a blow out on Tuesday at the Drybar at the hotel where we were staying. I wish we had a Drybar in Pittsburgh because I’d definitely go all the time. My dream in life is to be rich enough to go get two blowouts a week and never have to fix my own hair. A girl can dream, right?


Wednesday was our Disneyland day and it was so much fun. Seeing my niece meet all her favorite characters was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen. The park was already decorated for Christmas and had Christmas music playing, which just added to the wonderment of it all. It was my first time at a Disney park and I’m really glad we went just to have the experience.



After we left Disney we stopped at In-N-Out because it was our last night and it was my last to-do item. I got a cheese burger and fries animal style and a vanilla shake and it was delicious. Animal style was definitely the way to go and I think made it even better.

We left to come home on Thursday so we didn’t do much besides hang out at the hotel that morning. Overall, it was such a fun trip and I got to see so many things that had been on my list for years. It will definitely be a trip to remember! A big thank you to my sister for taking me along with her!


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