Wedding Wednesday: DIY Invitations

Invitation 3

I knew pretty early on that we wouldn’t be able to afford invitations from a professional printer or online store. The costs were just something I didn’t want to spend our budget on and they were creeping up to be hundreds of dollars. Although very pretty, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that when I’d rather spend that on something more tangible on the actual wedding day. I figure most people just throw invitations away anyway, so why waste that much money?

I ended up buying a kit from Michaels that matched our colors of gold and light blue. It was a BRIDES kit that was originally around $40, but I had a coupon that ended up making them around $20. The kit included 30 invitations, 30 RSVP cards and 30 extra cards for things like directions. This worked out perfect since we are only sending around 20 invitations.

Invitation 2

Invitation 1

The way the kit works is you go to a website that has the templates and you can customize it online and then download the PDF to print them. You can customize the fonts/wording, etc, which is nice. I did notice that when you change the font, it can mess with the spacing. That took some trial and error and still didn’t turn out perfect.

Overall, for the price I think they turned out pretty well. They definitely aren’t the most professional quality, but they look nice. They will serve their purpose and we can ultimately funnel that potential hundreds of dollars into something else like food or the photographer, which are more important to us.


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