California Part I


Hello! I’m alive and back from my trip to California. I didn’t mean to take such a long break from blogging, but life has been busy. I wanted to do a recap of my trip because it was so much fun and I got to see so many beautiful places. I decided to break it into two parts since the trip was pretty long and we visited two different parts of the state. Continue reading “California Part I”


California here we come


When I was in high school I had a slight obsession with The O.C. and then Laguna Beach. I religiously watched both until their dying days (and then The Hills to fill the void). Since then I have always wanted to go to California, but I’ve never had the opportunity until now.

In two weeks I’ll be heading to first San Francisco for a few days and then Laguna Beach for the rest of the trip with my sister and 3-year-old niece. When my sister asked if I wanted to come with them and I found out it involved Laguna Beach I couldn’t say no. I am seriously so excited to experience the West Coast.

We already have a few things planned including a full day at Disney Land and a land and boat tour of San Francisco. I definitely want to go to In-and-Out and find some really good Mexican food. We plan on visiting the beach, but other than that I don’t really know what else to do. If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants, places to visit, good shopping areas etc. that would be awesome!

I am going to try and document the experience as much as possible and share it on the blog and social media. Definitely follow me on Instagram (@notesfromemilyblog) and Twitter (@notesfromemily) to follow along in real time!

Hello from Florida!


I’m taking a mini vacation in Fort Lauderdale this weekend with my sister and niece. I got here on Thursday morning and leave tomorrow night. We picked a bad weekend to come weather-wise because it’s been raining or cloudy the whole time. We were able to go to the pool a couple of times and down to the beach once. The beach actually wasn’t very nice, so we probably won’t spend much time there.



We’re still having fun, though. Our hotel is nice. We’ve had the pool to ourselves both times we went. I went to the spa inside the hotel and had a nice steam shower and pedicure yesterday. It was kind of expensive, but worth it. We went out to the mall yesterday to shop and have lunch. Tomorrow we are taking my niece on a pirate-themed boat ride, which should be super cute.

Have you guys been to Fort Lauderdale? Do you have any recommendations?